Sample JWS Signing Application

Default values are cited from "draft-jones-json-web-signature-04 Annex.2".

InputJWS Header
JWS Payload
Signing Private KeyPublic Key Modulus (N)
Public Exponent (E)
Private Exponent (D)
Output JWS Signature

The above expected encoded signature value is cited from "draft-jones-json-web-signature-04 Annex.2".


  1. Just press "Generate JWS Signature" button.
  2. You can specify signature algorithm name such es "RS256"(SHA256withRSA) or "RS512"(SHA512withRSA). If it isn't un-supported value, it will raise an error.
  3. If malformed JWS Head is specified, it will raise an error.
  4. As for JWS signature verification, please see this sample.
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