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SSL Pulse Trends

Qualys SSL Pulse site provides SSL setting statistics data of Alexa top 0.2M sites every month. Ivan Ristic who is the SSL Pulse site owner have kindly approved re-use of data. So trend data of SSL Pulse will be provided in this site.
SSL Pulse data period: -

SSL Pulse Grade Trends

SSL Pulse

Validation Level

SSL/TLS Vulnerabilities

SSL/TLS Protocols

Best SSL/TLS Protocols

Signature Algorithms for SSL Server Certificate

Key Size of SSL Server Certificate

Support for SSL/TLS New Technology

Key Size for Key Exchange

Key Size for DH(E) Key Exchange

Key Size for ECDH(E) Key Exchange

Supported ECDH Named Groups

HTTP/2 support protocol in ALPN

HTTP/2 support protocol in NPN



Special thanks for Ivan Ristić and SSL Pulse site to approve re-use of its data. As for graphs Rickshaw library is used.

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